We Care missionary chaplains are those who commit a portion of their life to minister to America’s incarcerated. Missionaries trust God to provide for a major portion of their financial need through interested churches, family, and friends. Please consider Supporting a Missionary. You may look at the policies for our chaplains: Missionary Policy Manual

Short Term (Up to 2 Years):
For those who are sensing God’s calling to step away from the ordinary and commit a short portion of their lives to missionary prison chaplaincy or a supporting role in the mission of We Care Program.

We Care Program will link the short-term missionary with available positions in prison chaplaincy work. Short-term missionaries will most likely be placed in roles such as assisting a state chaplain in a large correctional facility, taking a lead chaplain role in a smaller minimum security camp, coordinating a “Faith Dorm” program, or a combination of chaplaincy work and organizational support roles.

In addition to periodic staff development activities, grow by caring for the “least of these”—listening, encouraging, counseling, teaching and/or preaching, playing games, along with a multitude of other activities and roles, depending on institutional needs and your gifts/talent make-up. Experience growth by exercising and strengthening your spiritual gifts while ministering to the needs of America’s incarcerated.

Long Term/Career (More than 2 years):
Some who commit to a short term assignment in prison chaplaincy work gradually realize that God has called them to devote a longer portion of their life to minister to men and women behind bars. They will usually have a deep sense of calling to the work and a desire to minister to inmates until God tells them otherwise.

The long-term missionary settles into a stable chaplaincy role, becoming a pastoral presence in the prison in which he/she serves. Depending on his/her gifts and the particular needs of the institution, the chaplain may spend a portion of each week in teaching, preaching, one-on-one discipleship, counseling, crisis intervention, ministering to the sick, coordinating volunteer activities, and providing educational and spiritual learning possibilities to facilitate inmate personal growth.

Along with the needs of the incarcerated, the chaplain remains sensitive to the spiritual needs of the entire correctional staff and administration of the particular facility in which he works.
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