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From the Discover Director
For many young adult Christians, finding purpose in life can be a struggle. Discover is designed to help bring clarity in this area. My goal through this eight-month discipleship program is to help young people understand their natural and spiritual gifts. Just as Paul challenged Timothy to "fan into flame the gift of God" (2 Timothy 1:6), I challenge you to develop your gifts through We Care's Discover program. My vision is to inspire this generation to be spiritually mature Christians and ambassadors for Christ. We are looking for young men and women, age 20-25, who are willing to serve God in the trenches, fighting the spiritual war with the whole armor of God. I invite you to join our team to discover a deeper relationship with Christ and His church. May God grant you wisdom and knowledge for the work He has called you to

Benjamin Zook, Discover Director

To learn more about Discover, contact We Care Program by calling 251-368-8818 or by emailing discover@wecareprogram.org. Applications must be submitted no later than July 31.

Ministry Assignment
The Discover term runs from mid-September to mid-May. After several days of prison ministry orientation and Alabama Department of Corrections volunteer training, interns will be assigned to a prison for ministry to inmates several days a week. Each intern will also be paired with an experienced We Care chaplain as a mentor. While in the prison setting, team members will have many opportunities to use and develop their gifts by building relationships, sharing Christ one-on-one, mentoring, teaching Bible studies, encouraging new believers, leading worship, and assisting their We Care mentor with administrative duties. Specific assignments will be unique to each individual depending on gifting.

Other service opportunities include assisting with thrift store ministry and support tasks at the headquarters.

Each intern should come prepared to:
  • Live under the influence of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
  • Speak to all with a heart attitude of love and compassion.
  • Humbly serve by example.
  • Be the person God is creating him to be in Christ.
  • Serve with a sincere heart of worship towards our Savior Jesus Christ.

Personal Development
Discover is designed to equip young adults for ministry, not only in the prison setting but also in their home church and community. The Discover team will meet regularly for:
  • Personal Discipleship
  • * Spiritual gifts
    * Natural abilities
    * Spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith
  • Ministry Training
  • * Development of spiritual gifts and natural abilities in the prison setting
    * Practical application of the Word of God in the prison setting
    * Transferring the application of prison ministry into the local church setting
  • Ministry Reflection
  • * Personal spiritual growth
    * Personal ministry experiences
  • Prayer
  • * God's guidance
    * The Holy Spirit's presence
    * Christ's redeeming work

Location, Activities, and Community Emphasis
We Care and Discover are based in Atmore, Alabama. Interns will be provided dorm-style lodging at the We Care headquarters and will be asked to consent to the policies outlined in the Discover Handbook. Hospitality will be provided by hosts, Benjamin and Marla Zook. Living quarters will be shared with other We Care staff and/or guests.

In addition to trusting each intern to use their free time wisely, We Care will plan occasional special events for team-building and relaxation. This may include activities with the entire We Care staff as well as Discover-specific outings.

While living in Atmore, interns are encouraged to get involved in a local church and community outreach.

Each team member is asked to raise $4,800 to cover room and board, monthly allowance, and other program-related expenses. Funding is normally solicited from one's home church, family, and friends. If needed, We Care will assist with direction in the fund-raising effort.

Transportation will be provided to and from ministry assignments, but we suggest interns bring their own vehicles for personal use.

Interns are responsible for their own health insurance coverage for the length of the term. If paying for insurance creates a financial burden, We Care will work with interns on a case-by-case basis to help find an alternative way to cover the cost of insurance premiums.

Testimonies from Former Discover Interns
"While ministering to men in prison, I saw Christ in a new way, full of grace and compassion, extending His arms to the forgotten. My relationship with Christ grew, and with the help of mentors, I discovered my strengths and the calling for which God created me." -Blaine Copenhaver

"Wow! Discover has done crazy things in my journey. So many times my Discover mentor and I would refer to internship as the 'spiritual greenhouse' to my spiritual journey." -Ellie Copenhaver

"My idea of prison ministry prior to Discover was a somewhat fearful and tough picture, but actually coming and doing it has greatly changed my perspective for the positive." -Chaz Hooley

"Discipleship training consisted of talking about the events and happenings of your previous week and a time of studying ministry material. It is a very good time to connect as a team through sharing and studying together." -Tiff Heisey

"I learned to lean on God and listen to the Holy Spirit more. I also felt I grew in the area of discernment." -Paul Sensenig

"I'm learning what it means to be a leader and how that role fits into my life." -Sheldon Histand

"[Discover] stretched me to take steps out of my comfort zone and teach a Bible study/sermon!" -Kenton Bucher

"This experience has given me a greater hunger for God." -Ernie Glick

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